The Summer of the Twelves

1958 was called "The Summer of the Twelves" in the yachting history. The first America's Cup since 1937 was also the first to be held with 12mR yachts in front of Newport / Rhode Island. Already in 1939 the longtime Cup winner Harold S. Vanderbilt had built the Twelve VIM to continue his winning streak. But only 19 years later, in 1958, the next America's Cup took place. Four US Twelves participated in the heat races that the young Columbia eventually won against the then 19-year old VIM. It was a wonderful summer of the Twelves and in 1959 Carleton Mitchell dedicated his book "Summer of the Twelves" to it.

The summer of 2015 would have filled another book. The now 76-year old VIM won the "Robbe & Berking 12 Metre Open European Championship." With 15 representatives of this class a fleet came to the Flensburg Fjord that could not have been seen in the world since the 150th America’s Cup Jubilee in Cowes in 2001. And the fleet of the Twelves on the Baltic Sea will continue to grow!

The Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup 2016 is taking placing from 1st – 4th September. By that time the "Yachting Heritage Centre" in Flensburg will be opened as well and its library will also contain Mitchell's "The Summer of the Twelves". Previously, people came to Newport to see Twelves. Today they go to Flensburg.

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“Vim” is the new 12-metre European Champion

Is was the highlight of the northern sailing summer: The “Robbe & Berking 12mR Open European Championship” which was sailed during the “Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup Week” together with the “Corinthian Cup” of the Dragon Class and the “German and Dutch Open” of the 5.5-metres. Starting off in superb sailing conditions, with more variable winds towards the end, the race committee of the organising Flensburg Sailing Club was able to stage six races for all classes.

It was a very unusual and, especially so for the Baltic, unique picture of 15 classic 12-metres, lying next to each other on the dock wide teak decks and wooden spars reaching high into the sky. The first day kicked off with fantastic sailing under clear blue skies and a fresh easterly breeze that had the crews working hard. “When 14 times 27 tons, driven by 200 square metres of sail each, charge towards you, you do get a funny feeling”, said chief race officer Claus Otto Hansen, who, on the stating ship, was in the midst of it all. “Nobody gave a quarter to anyone!”

The “Robbe & Berking 12mR Open European Championship” was won by the legendary “Vim”. She was designed in 1938 by Sparkman & Stephens for Harold Vanderbilt and was so fast that she was the benchmark for all other 12-metres over two decades. Since last year, her new home port is Copenhagen, however she will spend the winters in the care of the Robbe & Berking Classics yard, together with many other 12-metres. Patrick Howaldt from Copenhagen and his very slick crew sailed the boat to a convincing win, followed by the also very fast “Trivia” with Wilfried Beeck from Hamburg. “Trivia” was designed and built by Camper & Nicholson in 1937. Third place was taken by “Vanity V”, a William Fife design dating back to 1936, that had been chartered by well known racing sailor Jesper Bank and his colleagues of Elvstrøm Sails for the event.

This way to the overall results

A New Classic 12-metre!

This was a very special moment in yachting history, when the first wooden 12-metre yacht that was newly constructed of wood in more than 50 years went into the water for the first time. It is design number 434 of the famous Norwegian designer Johan Anker, dating from the year 1939, his last 12-metre and his second-last design overall – his last design ever was an 8-metre yacht. The war and Anker’s death, due to illness, in 1940 were the reasons why these two boats were never built – until today. “Robbe & Berking Classics” was able to source and secure all drawings that Anker had made for his last, fantastic 12-metre and built this classic yacht for a Scandinavian customer.

On one hand this might be a newly built yacht that came out of the yard’s building shed to be launched into its element but on the other hand this yacht looks just as it would have done, would it have been built back in 1939. The mahogany hull beautifully varnished, with a teak deck and a wooden mast, of course without an engine and with only the barest interior: A pure racing yacht from the 1930s. The ribs are made alternately of stainless steel and ash wood, the lead keel alone weighs in at 17 tons. Johan Anker was known as “the master of the lines”, he was very successful not only as a designer but also as an active racing helmsman himself and his boats, especially his metre-class designs, were recognised as being particularly fast. Design 434 is the last of 20 12-metres that he designed during his career and all his experience and all his knowledge went into this boat.

This proud yacht will be christened during the “Robbe & Berking 12 Metre Open European Championship” for which 14 classic 12-metres will come together on the Flensburg Fjord as one of the largest fleets ever in the history of this class.

Specification „Johan Anker 434“
Length over all 21,65 m
Beam 3,60 m
Draft 2,64 m
Sail area as measured 174 square metres

Johan Anker (1871 to 1940) came from a wealthy family in Halden, southern Norway. In 1908 he helmed the 8-metre Fram to fourth place in the Olympics in England. His biggest Olympian achievement is winning the Gold Medal four sears later, at the Olympics 1912 in Stockholm, which he won with his own 12-metre Magda IX.

In 1911 he sailed his third 12-metre, Rollo, to Cowes to take on and beat the very strong British fleet. The president of the Royal Yacht Squadron commented: »This is what I call sport. They have built their own boat, sailed it across the North Sea with their own crew and have then won nearly all races here!«

Anker was justly regarded as one of the best helmsmen of his time. As he was accustomed to society due to his own family and upbringing, he soon advanced to become the Crown Prince Olav’s personal sailing advisor. Both were soon united by a genuine friendship and this close connection the Royal family brought him respect and business success. He was called “the master of the lines” because, for him, the aesthetics of his yachts was as important as the pure speed. But in worked in his favour that the metre-class rules did produce elegant yachts – true to the old saying: “What looks fine sails fine!”

Classic Beauty To Be Auctioned!

In 1913, this was what today might possibly be a Cigarette motorboat: Fast, elegant and without any interior worth mentioning. After all, these boats were made to enjoy the ride, not to live on board.
The M/Y Loris was designed in February 1913 by the then quite famous yacht designer Knut Ljungberg and built for the Swedish industrialist Ivar Kreuger – the man who, among many other things, “invented” the match-box.
In the summer of 1913, the sleek boat cut through Swedish waters for the first time. The original engine gave her a top speed of only 12 knots, so the engines was upgraded in 1922 to 200 HP, which propelled the boat at up to 22 knots. Several years later, 1929, the engine was replaced again, now with 300 HP, which enabled a top speed of 27 knots. The sparse but elegant interior however remained unchanged: two leather sofas in a small cabin where the passengers could enjoy their cigars and cognac even when it was raining outside. However, the Black Friday of 1932 changed all this, where not only the stock market at Wall Street, but also Ivar Kreuger’s business empire crashed. In the end, he took his own life - in Paris, at least. Since then the boat had many different owners and ended up completely run down somewhere in a Swedish backyard, where it was discovered and totally restored a few years ago. Now, however, the boat has again been laid up ashore since two years, due to a dispute between the two owners which is also the reason for the upcoming auction of the boat on June 25th at six pm in Stockholm. The starting bid is 700.000 Swedish Kroner, which translates into just under 75.000 Euros. More information through the auctioneer, the law firm Carler in Stockholm on
If you have missed out on the auction but want to find other classic mahogany beauties of that time, you might get what you want on our brokerage site where we have listed several classic motorboats.

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The Future of Mobility

»For me, silence, space and time are the luxury goods of the future«, says Alfredo Häberli, and many readers of GOOSE, friends and for sure the staff at the Robbe & Berking Classics Yacht Yard would agree completely. For this year’s »Salone del Mobile«, the renown Swiss designer developed, together with the BMW Design Team around Karim Habib and Martina Starke and under the overall direction of Adrian van Hooydonk, an impressive installation which was exhibited during this international design event in Milano during April.

Taking its lead from the BMW Design leitmotif »Precision & Poetry«, this work tackles the values of future mobility at a conceptual level. To this end, the Zurich-based designer embarks on a thought journey that begins with childhood memories, sketches and formal studies. It ends with a large-scale model and leads to a spatial installation that allows personal thoughts on future mobility to be experienced in the present. The wooden ribbed model ten metres long by a good four metres high translates the theme into an avant-garde form of impressive precision and dimension. It was made by the master boat builders of the Robbe & berking yard. They had already met Starke, Habib and van Hooydonk one and a half years earlier at the »silver yard« during the world premiere of the »BMW Individual 760 Li Sterling inspired by Robbe & Berking«

Elegant, poetic and above all timeless beauty together with precise and unsurpassed craftsmanship are the main themes that Oliver Berking gave the still young yard six years ago for its founding. So what would better fit in with the leitmotif of the Munich automobile makers? So, Häberlis installation was built from mahogany in the yard halls in Flensburg, under strict secrecy. To begin with this was not so difficult to ensure as the elegant lines of the object first resembled those of a yacht. Only when the tail unit was fitted were the doors of the halls firmly closed for all unauthorized persons.

Silver Headboard

During the boatshow “boot 2015”, the first “Silver Headboard” was awarded – a prize, offered by the sailmakers Faber & Münker and made by Robbe & Berking for sailors that have made outstanding achievements for our sport.

For this first-time award of this prize, the manager of the Robe & Berking Classics yard, Sönke Stich, held the laudatio for the award winner Christoph von Reibnitz, since 25 years the owner and skipper of the magnificent classic yacht “Peter von Seestermühe”. Only few yachts are as well-known and respected as the “Peter”, especially since Christoph von Reibnitz took over this beautiful ship, built 1936 in Danzig to plans of the then famous yacht-designer Henry Gruber to participate in the transatlantic race from Bermuda to Cuxhaven which was held in the same year. The boat has left over 600,000 nautical miles in her wake, it has circumnavigated and crossed the Atlantic innumerable times. Today, operated as a charter yacht, „Peter“ sails to the Caribbean and back every second year.

Christoph von Reibnitz has made it his passion, “to keep this fine ship in shape, to improve it continuously in the spirit of a classic and, of course, to sail”, as Sönke Stich said in his speech.

In the past season only Christoph von Reibnitz has done a lot with his “Peter”: Taking part in many races for classic yacht around our coasts, participating at the Europe Week in Oslo, and to end the season winning overall the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers to the Caribbean.

“This is quite impressive”, said Sönke Stich, “especially whe one takes into consideration that Peter von Seestermühe is not anymore young, but nearly 80 years of age. It also shows what can be achieved with passion, seamanship sailing expertise and a bit of ambition and the right sails as well.”

This prize is from now on going to be awarded whenever a suitable candidate is in sight. Both Christoph von Reibnitz and Sönke Stich will be in the jury for the next award.

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In Style on the Canale

It was during this year’s Film Festival in Venice that the guests of the wonderful hotel Palazzina G., that are already somewhat spoiled by the very special atmosphere there, could enjoy the possibly most exclusive service yet – a shuttle service on the water, commuting from the hotel to the various events and festivities in the elegant commuter yacht, built by Robbe & Berking in the style of the 1930s. The celebrities like Al Pacino, Owen Wilson, Kirsten Dunst or Ethan Hawke all loves the service, as did the hotel management and also the driver, specially provided by us for the occasion, this being by far the best way to explore the lagoon town. The stylishly narrow mahogany-commuter was a definite head-turner on the canals and lagoon, looking very different from the rather wide and flat taxi-boats common to Venice. In fact, the stars of the festival and hotel guests grew so fond of the boat that it remained in Venice even after the Festival.

A Musical Treat in the Boatyard

A grand orchestra, six soloists and seven planets – the audience at the second “Classic Lounge Concert” in our boatyard was in heaven during the two performances on Friday and Saturday night. Once again it was the perfect combination of “Classic meets Pop” that enthused listeners. Under the wonderful conductor Peter Sommerer, who also commented the evening in a highly entertaining and humorous manner, the Schleswig Holstein Symphonic Orchestra together with eleven string instruments from the “Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester“ as well as the singers Synje Norland, Nora Oertel, Leon&Leon, Simon Glöde, Guy Roberts and Annette O´Driscoll showed brilliant form.

The soloists had composed their own songs for the planet-themes of Gustav Holst’s orchestral work “The Planets” that was performed here. This is Gustav Holst’s (1874 to 1934) most popular work. In seven movements the planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are introduced musically. This evening was a great pleasure in a very special ambiance where, normally, floating masterpieces are created. The journalist Joachim Pohl even wrote: “Twice, a piece of Flensburg’s cultural history was made in the yacht yard.”

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Robbe & Berking Classics 2015

A classic, newly launched: Our calendar will, of course, also be published this year. This calendar is a must for all fans of classic yachts and stylish yachting. Fantastic images of classic races and elegant yachts, as always in large format and with two pictures per month, either to choose from or to alternate.

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A Woman, a Piano and a Boatyard

She is often called the “Seaman’s Lady from the Reeperbahn”, the chanson singer and songwriter Anna Depenbusch from Hamburg. And so she blended in well with this unique new concert venue of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival – our boatyard in which normally12-metre class yachts are built or restored. Here she sang for a big audience, her songs of melancholy and sailors, of desires and summer feelings. Her listeners were quickly captivated by her sometimes loud, often gentle but always emotionally catching tunes. One woman, one piano and one boatyard: It did not take more than this to create a truly sensational evening. A repeat performance next year is not impossible!

12-metre Worlds 2014 in Barcelona

Seven classic 12-metres of the class’ „Vintage Division“ came together in Barcelona in July for their World Championships. This number of participating yachts is not bad but was a little less than what the organisers and competitors had hoped for. However, the 12-metre class is not active in the Mediterranean anymore, the main centres of the class being in Newport, USA (with 23 actively sailed 12-metres) and, increasingly so over the past years, around the Baltic Sea, especially in the areas Flensburg-Kiel-Copenhagen and also in Norway. Quite a few wooden 12-metres are now being sailed here, which was also reflected in the number of participants at the two „Robbe & Berking 12-metre World Championships“ that were held in Flensburg in 2008 and again in 2011.

Back to this year’s event. As expected, especially in the typically light winds that prevailed throughout the racing, the all-professional crew of Patrizio Bertelli’s beautiful 12-metre “Nyala” won the title – after all, this is an America’s Cup crew. Still, they were beaten in two races by Wilfried Beeck and his crew on “Trivia” who finished second overall, followed by Patrick Howaldt and his crew from Copenhagen on “Vanity V” – the Danes definitely prefer to race in heavier winds.

Altogether this was a perfect event, smoothly run and organised off the backdrop of one of southern Europe’s most attractive cities. The next Worlds, it is hoped by many, should however again be sailed in the Baltic and the venue for the 2019 Worlds is already fixed. This will be sailed in Newport, to coincide with the 175-year anniversary of the New York Yacht Club.

Click here for the results of the 2014 12-metre Worlds

Sterling Cup and the start of the Classic Week on Flensburg Fjord

In near-perfect summer weather, around 150 classic yachts and boats of all types and sizes gathered in Flensburg for the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup and the start of the Classic Week. From the Olympic sailing dinghy of 1936 to the majestic 12-metres nearly every class and type of classic boat was there: A sailing display of over 100 years of yachting history. Racing took place as planned, with one exception, in fresh and variable winds that presented quite a challenge for the crews. In any case, the best were, as always, first over the line (results of Classic Week here ; results of Sterling Cup here).

The social activities ashore are, traditionally at the Robbe & Berking sailing events, at least as ambitious and sophisticated as the racing on the water. On Friday night, all sailors and many guests partied on Flensburg’s harbour front, dancing to the wild and wonderful band “Tätärä”. Saturday even saw an improvement on this with the fantastic Robbe & Berking Sterling Night at our yacht yard, with the prize-giving for the first races of Classic Week. The famous Jazz piano player Joja Wendt and his band truly created a passionate atmosphere for this unforgettable evening.

The last races of the Sterling Cup unfortunately had to be abandoned on Sunday due to lack of wind, so that the prize-giving for the metre-classes was already held at Flensburg Yacht Club at Sunday lunch time. In the meantime, the fleet of the other classics made their way from Flensburg towards Sonderburg in Denmark, and from there via Kappeln and Eckernförde to Kiel.

Sail hard, party hard

This is the programme for the forthcoming Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup for 5.5, 6 and 12 metre yachts from June 13 to 15. There will be up to three races each day, weather permitting. Registration of participants begins on June 13 at the Race Office in the clubhouse of the Flensburger Segel-Club in Glücksburg, near Flensburg.

The shore events kick off with a get-together at Flensburg Segel-Club on June 12, 20.00 hrs with beer, wine and snacks. 13 June: Flensburg Night at the inner harbour of Flensburg, together with all participants of Classic Week. 14 June: Classic Night with food, drinks and live music at the Robbe & Berking Classic Yacht Yard, Flensburg. 15 June: Prize Giving for Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup at the FSC clubhouse, Glücksburg. 

The complete programme of the Classic Week can be found here.

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Europe Week 2014: 70 yachts registered. Entry time limit extended.

In the year 1914, Norway celebrated 100 years of independence from Denmark, amongst many other festivities also with a regatta, the “Europe Week”, with 130 participating yachts. Now independence is 200 years old and the Royal Norwegian Yachtclub is celebrating that with an anniversary edition of “Europe Week”, to which some of the yachts are expected that had already taken part 100 years ago.

The week-long regatta starts in Sandefjord, some 50 nautical miles south of Oslo, on July 15, exactly on the same day as in 1914. On July 18 a coastal regatta will take the boats across the fjord to the small maritime town Son and on July 20 the fleet will race from Son to Oslo.

In Oslo all the crews will be guests of the Mayor of Oslo in the Town Hall. A visit to the Norwegian Maritime Museum will be organised, where the history of the »Golden Years« of the Norwegian wooden boat builders will be presented.

For the boats from Germany, Denmark and other European countries a »cruise in company« is planned to Marstrand, Sweden. Here, the boats from Russia, Finland and Sweden will join the flotilla and sail together along the Swedish west coast and across Skagerrak to Sandefjord.

After the end of Europe Week and a Farewell Party in Oslo on July 22, another cruise in company will take the boats from Oslo to the old navy town of Horten and the yachting centre Hankø, with further legs to Sørlandet, the southeast coast of the country, with a choice of several famous harbours and a final gathering in Risør at the Wooden Boat Festival on August 2 to 4.

In 1914 H.M. King Haakon VII was the Honorary Chairman of the regatta. This time his grandson, H.M. King Harald V, is following the tradition. King Harald is himself still an active classic boat yachtsman, now in his 77th year, sailing his Anker & Jensen built, wooden 8mR Sira from 1938.
K.N.S, Kongelig Norsk Seilforening (The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club), and KTK, Klassisk Treseiler Klubb (The Norwegian Classic Yacht Club), are joint organisers of the 2014 Europe Week.

At the time of official closing of entry, 1. April, 70 yachts had entered Europe Week 2014. The 70 entries represent eight countries, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, USA and Norway.In order to encourage yet a few more boats, the organizer has agreed to extend the time limit for entry to 15th April. It will still be possible to register late entries, but then at a higher entry fee.

You will find more information about the Europe Week 1914 and 2014 on and also on You Tube. If you are interested in taking part in the regatta, please contact KNS Secretariat, Bygdøy, N-0287 Oslo – by E-mail:, or Peter Ennals, Commodore of KTK, E-mail: Online registration is possible here:

8mrR World Cup 2014

The 8mRs are back in La Trinite sur Mer some ten years after the 2003 edition. Indeed the next 8mR World Cup will take place from 5 to 12 September 2014 in the iconic South Brittany port. After our event in Flensburg in 2011, England then Finland in 2013, France will welcome these mythical sailboats and their crews, originating from more than ten different nations, on the waters of the Bay of Quiberon.
This World Cup will be led by of Tanneguy Raffray (owner of "Hispania IV"), through whom the International Eight Meter Association (IEMA) has assigned the organization of the event with the Societe Nautique de la Trinite sur Mer (SNT). Thirty to forty of these beautiful boats, coming from the world over, are expected. Registration, also online, is now open.
Societe Nautique de la Trinite sur Mer :

Goose Number 11 has arrived

Our youngest goose is now available for “consumption”: This issue again provides real delicacies for the eyes and mind. From the contents: The Beauty and the Beast – the world’s best sea bass come from Slovenia. A German Down Under – Rolf Ockert build dream homes on the Pacific shores. America & Rasmussen – Concordia Yawls were the American connection for famous German boatbuilders Abeking & Rasmussen. Holiday on Ice – through the Northwest-Passage on a sailing yacht. Full Steam Ahead – the “African Queen” sails again. Plus several more fascinating stories. Click here for a sample pdf. And should you not already get the magazine delivered to your doorstep, this is the way to subscribe to it!


Robbe & Berking mR Sterling Cup 2014

The main things during this summer on the beautiful Flensburg Fjord are, as always, sailing and partying. Close racing in classic metre-class yachts will again be provided by the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup. From June 13 to 15, the 5.5-metre, 6-metre and 12-metre yachts will race on the proven world championship waters off Glücksburg. This year, the Classic Week will begin immediately afterwards and the participants of that event will also be in Flensburg during the Sterling Cup – the two fleets combined will make a grand show in town. On the evening of the 13th, the first of the two big Race Parties for all will start the proceedings, which continue a day later, on the 14th, with the near-legendary „Classic Night“ in the Robbe & Berking Classics boatyard and the grand prize-giving on the 15th at the “Flensburger Segel Club” in Glücksburg. The Notice of Race can be downloaded >here<, register online >here<.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Classic Week 2014

June 2014 will be the month of the classics. The “Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten” FKY invites owners and crews of classic yachts to the Classic Week, which will take plae immediately after the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup and just prior to Kiel Week. Over the course of ten days, from June 13 to June 22, various races will be sailed along the coast between Flensburg and Kiel, sailing and racing from the Sterling Cup to Kiel Week. The racing on the water will be accompanied by festive and cultural events ashore, which will also be attractive for visitors and owners and crews of yachts or classic motorboats that are not attending the racing. Like its predecessors in 2006 and 2010, Classic Week 2014 will again enable fans of classic yachts from various countries to meet and exchange ideas.

The start will be in the Danish-German cultural region along the Flensburg Fjord. Starting in the historic seafaring town of Flensburg, the fleet will sail via Sønderborg in Denmark, the Schlei Fjord and Eckernförde to Kiel. To kick off on Friday, 13th of June, a maritime market will be open in Flensburg. The next day will see the first race, for the silver trophy of the Robbe & Berking Cup, with the big “Classic Night” race party in the boatyard.

On Sunday, the fleet will sail towards Sønderborg. A day later, a distance race is sailed from here to Schleimünde. The classics will then lie in the port of Kappeln for two nights, races will be sailed on the Schlei on Tuesday. Wednesdy will see the »day of challenges« with a race to Eckernförde, another race will be held on Thursday off Eckernförde and on Friday, the fleet will continue to Kiel. A final race will be sailed in Kiel and after that all yachts will gather at the Kieler Yacht Club for the grand final. On Sunday, the event closes with a last breakfast for all participating sailors.

Find the complete programme and entry forms on

Schleswig-Holsteins imposing shipyards
Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
July 5 – August 31, 2014

With concert locations from Glücksburg to Glückstadt, from Heide over Hasselburg to Hamburg, from Sønderborg over Sylt to Schenefeld: the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival takes place in a larger land area than almost any other festival in the world, taking place not only in the almost 16,000 square kilometers of Schleswig-Holstein, but also in Hamburg, parts of Denmark and Lower Saxony. Whether at magnificent estates, thatch-roof barns, historic horse and cow stables, swank manor houses, picturesque churches, enchanted castle parks or industrial lots, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival transforms even the most forgotten corner into an international concert stage.
Following suit in 2014, the SHMF has added the yard Robbe & Berking Classics in Flensburg to its list of performance venues. This yacht-yard, located directly along the Flensburg city harbor, restores motor and sailing yachts and builds replicas of especially beautiful classic boats that have been lost – giving this location a wonderful atmosphere for a summer evening concert. Anna Depenbusch, who will be performing at the shipyard in Flensburg on August 13, once said that “summer is a feeling you can create, one that you carry within yourself and can draw upon when you need it.” Wishes, dreams and desires play a central role in her songs, which all tell tales rich in images and fantasy. Other impressive shipyards will also open their doors to act as stages for this year’s SHMF, such as the Evers-Werft in Timmendorfer Strand-Niendorf on the Baltic Sea and the Hitzler-Werft in Lauenburg.

Program available at starting February 25, 2014

Robbe & Berking Classics and Baum & König:
We take the Classics to „boot 2014“

The Robbe & Berking Yachts-Family would like to welcome you on this year’s „boot“ in Düsselorf. The yard Robbe & Berking Classics and the classic yacht broker Baum & König will both be present in Hall 7a on stand D22. On stand D27, diagonally opposite, we will show our newly built classic 6-metre yacht „Buzzy III“, a design by Sparkman & Stephens that originally dates from 1956. At the time, this was a very successful racing yacht. This is the third classic 6-metre that has been newly built to historic plans by our yard, where we are currently also constructing a classic Johan Anker designed 12-metre class yacht. We feel particularly connected to the 6-metre class, not only since the first 6-metre World Championships that we could host in the summer of 2013 together with BMW and the Flensburg Sailing Club FSC and which saw 34 participating yachts on the start line.

GOOSE No. 10

It’s nearly a small anniversary: The tenth issue of our magazine GOOSE is out now. As always with many fantastic stories, among them: A “silver-BMW”, a filmmaker whose passions take him under water, a regatta for classic yachts that is re-invented after 100 years, the history and today’s value of the best diving watches and much more. We recommend that you
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BMW and ROBBE & BERKING build a dream-car

An evening such as this one even our shipyard has not been seen yet – although this year several great events have taken place here: Joja Wendt at the inauguration of the world championship of 6 meter yachts or the concert of the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Sinfonieorchester under the direction of the General Music Director Peter Sommerer together with DJ Normandie for example. But that has beaten everything: The world premiere of the “BMW Individual 760LI Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING”. Thomas Gottschalk was leading through an evening full of highlights, among them his moderation of the conversation between Adrian van Hooydonk (Senior Vice President BMW Group Design), Oliver Berking, Friedrich Nitschke (President BMW M GmbH) and star cook Cornelia Poletto regarding the issue of “Luxury created for Individuals”. Afterwards the handpicked guests have been coddled with a dinner in silver glance between mahogany yachts and noble BMW vehicles confected by Cornelia Poletto and Dirk Luther face to face to the guests under the biggest new construction of the shipyard.

But at the center stage was – unusual for a shipyard – the car. However, the connections to the yacht manufactory and its big sister, the silver manufactory, became quickly apparent throughout the conversation. Oliver Berking: “At the first sight the two companies seem to be very different, but they think and operate very similar in several aspects. The word pleasure in the BMW slogan – Driving pleasure – is pointing out perfectly our mutuality.” Both companies are not only building technically preeminent products, but their products are raising big emotions far in excess of the pleasure for the technical perfection. “ No matter, if it is the pleasure of a shared dinner in silver glance, of a day on board on one of our mahogany yachts or the pleasure of driving a BMW!” This was the outcome of the wonderful, common idea: “We will construct a dream car and we won’t let us force into any raster. Only our shared visions and the hands of our best employees should determine the appearance of the car.”

This unheard-of car, which has been uncovered and publicly presented this evening for the first time ever, has been crafted in the BMW Individual Manufactory and the Silver Manufactory by handwork. Manu Factum. Handmade such as all other products to come from Robbe & Berking, whether it is silver cutlery or a wooden yacht. The guests could examine the result on this evening in the shipyard: The most valuable new car from BMW ever produced, as Adrian van Hooydonk pointed out. All typical characteristics of BMW are crafted in silver plated: the BMW bunch, the lateral ornament detail indicating to the powerful V12 motor as well as the ornament border in the rear, the designation of the model and the end pipe cover. The BMW badge on the engine bonnet and the boot lid are actually crafted in Sterling Silver. As a special highlight the BMW logo has been enameled in handwork by Robbe & Berking experts. In the passenger compartment the observer will experience a sight to behold: all ornament borders are in Sterling Silver and have been worked in lavish Martelé-Technic, indicated by the ROBBE & BERKING master stamp and the counter of half-moon and crown, only to be find on products made of pure silver.

The BMW Individual full leather décor fine Merino in the shade of color Amaro brown is the most exclusive leather décor available for a BMW. The BMW Individual 760LI Sterling is therefore providing the most selected combination of materials one can demand for a luxury vehicle. A small homage to the 140 years of silverware tradition of Robbe & Berking is completing the décor of the passenger compartment: above the drive shaft hump in the rear are resting two silver beakers and a silver decanter, which have been designed especially for this special model.

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Robbe & Berking Classics 2014

A classic, newly launched: Our calendar will, of course, also be published this year. This calendar is a must for all fans of classic yachts and stylish yachting. Fantastic images of classic races and elegant yachts, as always in large format and with two pictures per month, either to choose from or to alternate.

Order your personal copy now for 29,- € VAT included plus postage >here<

The new GOOSE has landed...

...and is, as always, full of highly interesting stories. This time, we feature gardens like the sea, an international artist with Danish-Australian-Russian roots, Denmark’s most famous architect who, nearly, became a yacht-designer like his father, wooden yachts and much more. To be sure not to miss an issue of GOOSE, best subscribe right >here<


More than a Museum, More than a Regatta

Visitors from all over the world will again come together for the annual Herreshoff Classic Regatta in Bristol, Rhode Island, this coming weekend, organised by the Herreshoff Marine Museum. This is much more than just a museum, more a living centre for yachting history and also home of the “America’s Cup Hall of Fame”, founded by Halsey Herreshoff, where all great names from the long history of this rather eccentric sporting event are honoured.

Accordingly, also the Herreshoff Classic Regatta is actually more than just a regatta. Part of the event is the “Living Boat Show” (23rd August, 5 to 7 pm). Guests commence in the waterfront tent for food, drink, and sunset viewing. The Museum’s mooring field and docks will be filled with lovely, historically significant yachts. Join Museum Staff, Classic Boat Owners, and Regatta participants to hear of the history of the boats, the people and the place.

Guests who wish to attend the Living Boat Show do not need to register in advance. Tickets will be sold at the entrance to the tent. The racing for the various classes of boats, among them also 6 and 12-metre yachts, will be held on both days and the prize giving is on the evening of the 24th, during a grand barbeque party which is again also open to visitors in the waterfront marquee.

Classic Meets Modern in Classic Surroundings...

It was like a concert for the yet unfinished 12-metre: The quite outstanding event that around 700 guests could enjoy in the big building shed of our yard at Robbe & Berking Classics late Saturday night. In a place where, usually, wonderful classic yachts are being built, repaired and lovingly maintained, rows of chairs were set up in front of a temporary stage directly underneath our new wooden 12-metre that is currently being built here. This stage was set for the Schleswig-Holstein Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the “General Music Director” Peter Sommerer who tool the audience along on a charming and light-hearted “virtual” and musical summer trip. It all began very classical with several quite popular classic pieces, but after the break the orchestra was joined by the cool and electronically created sounds by “DJ Normandie”. A rather interesting musical experiment which the audience, quite obviously, loved. Now, work continues in our shed entirely without experiments but totally classical…

Robbe & Berking 6-metre World Championship

This was the highlight of this season’s racing on Flensburg Fjord: The World Cup of the 6-mtre class. After the European Championship in 2006, also organised here in Flensburg by Robbe & Berking and the Flensburger Segel Club, the class had said: we will be back!

And they were back, for a truly world class event. The race organisation was once again done with professional perfection by the highly experienced team of the Flensburger Segel Club and Robbe & Berking and the club were also fantastically supported by BMW, premium partner of Robbe & Berking. Five races could be sailed in two divisions, modern and classic. The social programme ashore also was, as always, highly memorable. »I do this now for 50 years and this was the best that I have so far experienced«, said Lars Engelbert from Sweden, owner of the 6-metre “Berta”. And an American participant added: »You are about to outclass St. Tropez!«

And indeed the wind was Mediterranean-like during the first few days in which all races could be sailed as scheduled. On Tuesday, however, it blew too hard to go racing and on the ednesday, it was, nearly, too light – but the one important race was successfully sailed (at least five races are necessary for a World Championship). So the series was quite variable and, in the different wind ranges, the leading boats changed. But in the end, as always, the best sailors won.

Ingo Steinhusen, our six-metre expert here at the yacht manufactory, sailed on the Danish 6 “Lady Day” and said: »The race courses were, as always, perfectly laid out by the FSC. Sailing these boats is ideal on the inner Flensburg Fjord, where they do not get too much stressed by heavy seas.«

Winner of the modern division was Ross MacDonald and crew from Canada in the boat “St. Francis IX”, World Champion in the classic division is “Fridolin” of Henrik Lundberg from Finland.

The annual general meeting of the international 6-metre class association ISMA was also held here, the next championships will be, in 2014, the Europeans in Weymouth, UK and in 2015 the Worlds in La Trinité, France.

Click here for the full results

Robbe & Berking Classics and Sterling Cup 2013

This was the big yachting event of the summer in Flensburg. One regatta ended with this fantastic party at the Robbe & Berking Classics yard while the other began. Just under 50 classic boats of all types and sizes had once again gathered in Flensburg for the traditional „Robbe & Berking Classics“ and for these this was the grand finale. At the same time the „Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup“ for the Metre-Classes was sailed (in this year for 12-metres, 6-metres and 5.5-metres), their prize-giving as held on Sunday at the Flensburger Segel Club. Finally, this very memorable evening was also the official opening of the 2013 „Robbe & Berking Six Metre World Championship“.

600 sailors followed the invitation by Robbe & Berking and our main partner BMW and enjoyed a great evening with incredible music by famous piano-star Joja Wendt, a delicious buffet by the star-chef Dirk Luther (from the hotel Alter Meierhof in Glücksburg) and only the best of company. This was the fitting conclusion to a truly perfect day on the water with plenty of wind and sun.

While the Classics, as always, sailed one long race on Saturday (click here for the results), the metre-classes fought it out in a series of several short races, the 12-metres and 5.5-metres on both days of the week-end, the 6-metres only on Saturday, as Sunday already saw the first races of their World Championship. In the 5.5-metres, pro sailor Marcus Wieser dominated the field and won the series with one race to spare but the 12-metres provided a more dramatic finale. Here, “Trivia” (Wilfried Beeck) fought against “Sphinx” (Gorm Gondesen, Jochen Frank) to the finish and finally won with three points. Beeck was especially happy about this, as he had – just – lost out to “Sphinx” at last year’s Sterling Cup. (click here for all results)

Classic meets Classics

The 17th of August will see a very special musical event in our yacht manufactory. The Schleswig-Holstein symphony orchestra will perform here together with DJ Normandie: A blend of classical music with relaxing lounge sounds. Fun and a good feeling for music will be the basis of this highly elegant interplay. Lounge beats will show the way that is followed by the classic symphony orchestra. A daring, but also highly promising experiment in a fitting ambiance in which the finest classic yachts are at home, whose brightly varnished mahogany hulls shine just as clear as a grand piano. This will be a truly unique coming together of classic values, presented in a contemporary style.

Ready for the Big Event

These Six-metres are already in the starting blocks waiting for the first races of the forthcoming Robbe & Berking 6-Metre World Championship in Flensburg. Currently they are being prepared for the racing by our yard. The World Championship takes place every second year, alternating with the European Championship. For this year’s worlds, hosted by the Flensburger Segel Club and the silver and yacht manufactories Robbe & Berking, a large fleet is expected as in 2005 during the Robbe & Berking 6-metre European Championship. The majority of the boat that will be arriving in just a few weeks time are classic Sixes, but there will also be a very hot and competitive modern fleet. We all look forward to this event and to welcoming sailors from all over Europe, the US and further away.

Link: A Week of Classics

Culinary Adventures with our Commuter-Yacht

Each and every of these events is unique: Pret a Diner celebrates wonderfully styled Pop Up restaurants with fantastic decoration, unbelievable cuisine and great guests in rather unusual locations. Recently, there were two events in Switzerland, one in a former shipyard-shed in Zurich and one in the Elisabethen Church in Basel, the latter coinciding with an arts fair in town. A special eye-catcher, even in these exceptional surroundings, was, on both occasions, our elegant, twenties-style mahogany Commuter-Yacht.

The culinary concept of the premium-caterer Kofler & Kompanie with star-chef Tim Raue, the sushi-master Ollysan and mixologist Stephan Hinz was extensively celebrated during nine fully booked days. This exceptional dining experience was further enhanced by the evening programme of the London DJ-duo Maxology and the legendary Parisian Members Club Silencio. The guests of this Pret A Diner adventures were once again enchanted by the combination of pure pleasure and a truly artful decoration – quite fit, in fact, for the art fair taking place at the same time.

Adding to the elaborate style of these events, our silver cutlery and wonderful, mighty silver candelabra brought truly grand dining culture onto the tables.

Information about further events can be found here:

The World Visiting our Yacht Manufactory

The „International Council of Yacht Clubs“ had organised a European sailing tour through the “Danish South Sea” – and the grand finale was a visit of our Yacht Manufactory. The participants, from as far away as Japan, Canada, the US and Australia, were deeply impressed by the manufactory and the classic wooden racing yachts that are built here, such as the first newly built classic 12-metre in wood since more than half a century that is currently under construction here, or the elegant six-metres that are already here for the upcoming “Robbe & Berking Six Metre World Championship”, soon to be held in Flensburg.

The Australians were especially interested in the historic 12-metre yacht “Gretel” that is currently stowed on our premises. This is an icon of Australian yachting and was, in 1962, the first ever Australian challenger to the America’s Cup. Not only that, she was also the faster boat: The Americans on the 12-metre “Weatherly” only won due to the much better crew-work of the sailors around the famed helmsman Bus Mosbacher.

All visitors were stunned by this high degree of competence concerning 12-metre yachts. But not only metre-class boats: A very special and spectacular historic yacht is the 150-square metre Skerry Cruiser which we can build new, strictly according to the original plans and drawings. This yacht will be 23.94 metres long and will carry 150 square metres of upwind sail area.

GOOSE Number 8 is here!

This is our summer issue, with great stories and fantastic pictures, amongst others by Lyonel and Lux Feininger, both of them, father and son, famous artists and painters who were also fascinated by the sea and sailing yachts. Plus the story about the historic America’s Cup Regatta exactly 30 years ago when “Australia II” achieved the impossible and took the Cup from the New York Yacht Club. Naturally, we also show many elegant yachts, such as those on Lake Tahoe in California, as well as fantastic destinations. To subscribe and order your copy, click here. To enjoy a preview of the magazine, click on the cover image.


Happy christening of the first Robbe & Berking 50

Even the weather was kind: In high spirits, a happy owners couple celebrated the christening of their new yacht, the first “Robbe & Berking 50”, with many guests. For our yacht manufactory, this is the first yacht that was conceived by a contemporary designer, Georg Nissen. All seven boats before this had mainly been built to plans from the 1930s, including designs by Olin Stephens, Bjarne Aas and Johan Anker. Built from carefully selected mahogany and equipped with only the finest components, this fast cruising yacht will provide their Flensburg owners many wonderful hours on the water. The first test sails were made in May on the Flensburg Fjord and delighted both the highly experienced owner as well as the crew of our yard. The plans for a similar but slightly smaller Robbe & Berking 43 are already on the drawing board. Technical data of the Robbe & Berking 50: Loa 15.25 m, lwl 13.10 m, beam 4.35 m, draft 2.40 m, displacement 13.6 t, ballast 4.7 t, sail area 130 sq.m.

Exclusive cars visiting Robbe & Berking Classics

Temporarily, the yard in front of our large boatshed looked more akin to a very exclusive car exhibition. It was during the “Vintage Luggage Trophy” 2013 that the participants of this extravagant rally from Hamburg to Sylt stopped by to have a look around our yacht manufactory. The new 12-metre currently being built here to historic plans of the Norwegian designer Johan Anker created a lot of interest and several participants were also very happy to try out our fast and elegant Robbe & Berking Commuter Yacht motorboat on the Fjord just outside our yard pontoon. After a delicious lunch in our boatshed, the rally moved on when the participants drove off towards the Danish island of Rømø from where a specially booked ferry took all cars across to Sylt.

Caviar-Watch in Yacht-Box with Silver Setting

The exclusive watchmaker “York” will present the first caviar-watch “Royal Black Caviar“ from April 25th on the global show for watches and jewellery, the “Baselworld”. The watch comes together with a specially designed and handmade caviar setting from the Silver Manufactory Robbe & Berking and is presented in a handmade box from black Wenge, which is made in our Yacht Manufactory. The caviar setting for two is forged from 925er Sterling silver, the caviar server features a delicately made hilt formed like a sturgeon, the silver caviar spoons are gold-plated with 24 carat and the made to measure tablet is held in a silver frame.

The world’s first caviar watch “Royal Black Caviar“ has a massive housing from 18 carat white gold and carries a dial with 53 black diamonds as well as a crown with five black diamonds, who together make 3.2 carat. The clock face is made of black enamelled STerlin silver with indices and double facing sapphire glass. The strap is from finest indo-pacific ray-leather, the peal-like structure of which is similar in appearance to caviar. The mechanical manufactory-work SW07 is elaborately and artistically made and ornamented with 17 jewels. The “Royal Black Caviar“ is strictly limited, numbered and will only be made for 99 select buyers worldwide. Every watch will be conveyed personally by HH York Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe to its new owner. The name and the personal number will be engraved on a massive 925er silver platinum on the box that will also include a tin of fresh Royal Black-Finest Caviar from Caviar House & Prunier.

The “Royal Black Caviar“ is dedicated by York Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe to his great-great-grandmother, Princess Wera Konstantinowna Romanowa of Russia (1854–1912), on the occasion of the 400-year anniversary of the Romanow-Dynasty. The “Royal Black Caviar“ is available for 45.200 Euro.

YORK Watches: Hal 2.2, Stand F 35 Baselworld 2013 – Thursday, April 25 to Thursday, May 2, 2013.

New Regatta in the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge

The „Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge“ is a worldwide series of racing events for classic yachts which has a „Mediterranean Circuit“ with all the races in the western Med, the „North American Circuit“ with the racing on the US East Coast and a regatta in Cowes and in the Caribbean.

New in this year is the inclusion of the „Vele d’Epoca a Napoli“ into the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge. This event takes place in June, in the spectacular scenic setting of the Bay of Naples. The event itself has been on the agenda of the classic yachts scene for some years already and has been noted for the long standing and successful partnership of the organisers,  the exclusive Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia (, the navy sailing club Sport Velico Marina Militare and the Italian watch maker Officine Panerai. To express the historic connection to the sea, Officine Panerai has been sponsoring this event for a number of years already.

The Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2013 will, as always, kick off in April in Antigua. The last event of the 2013 season will then be the Régates Royales in Cannes.

Calendar of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2013:

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta (Antigua and Barbuda)
18. - 23. April 2013

Les Voiles d'Antibes (France)
29. May - 2. June 2013

Argentario Sailing Week (Italy)
13. - 16. June 2013

Vele d'Epoca a Napoli (Italy)
26. - 30. June 2013

Panerai British Classic Week - British Classic Yacht Club (UK)
6. - 13. July 2013

Marblehead Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta (USA)
9. - 11. August 2013

Nantucket Opera House Cup (USA)
15. - 18. August 2013

Mahon, X Copa del Rey de Barcos de Epoca (Spain)
27. - 31. August 2013

Newport, Museum of Yachting Classic Yacht Regatta (USA)
30. August - 1. September 2013

Cannes, Régates Royales (France)
24. - 28. September 2013

In 2012, the ten events of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge attracted over 600 yachts. All of the well-known, historic yachts took part in at least one event each. Winner of the Mediterranean Circuit was Moonbeam IV in the Big Boat category, Leonore in the Vintage and Naïf in the Classic category. On the other side of the Atlantic, the 12-Meter-Yacht Valiant won the American Circuit Trophy.

Classic Boat Awards 2013

The Awards of the UK magazine Classic Boat have been given to winners in a total of 12 categories. These range from the best yacht restoration to the prettiest dinghy or the most interesting personality. In the latter category, sponsored by our yard, Giacomo di Stefano was the winner. Giacomo qualified because he sailed 3000 miles, from London to Istanbul, in an open boat of the “Ness Yawl” type. Our mother company, Robbe & Berking Silverware, sponsored the category “Spirit of Tradition, outside Europe” which was won by the American boat Morris 52: A classic design by Sparkman & Stephens, but built in a modern way in GRP. A total of 4500 readers of Classic Boat cast their votes and thus decided on the winners. The complete results can be found in the current, April 2013 issue of Classic Boat.

Five J Class Yachts to Race at the St Barths Bucket Regatta

Hanuman, Lionheart, Rainbow, Ranger and Velsheda will fleet race together during the annual St Barths Bucket Regatta, the first time five J Class yachts have lined up together since the 1930's.
The J Class Association today announced that spectators around the world will be able to follow the J Class racing during the St Barths Bucket Regatta via equipment provided by TracTrac Live Tracking.
Results will be calculated using the JCA handicap.
The St Barths Bucket will take place from 28-31 March 2013. It is organized by The Bucket Association, St Barths, which is affiliated with and sanctioned by the Federation Francaise de Voile (FFV). The St Barths Bucket Regatta is a congenial, invitational regatta set in the Corinthian spirit and renowned as one of the best run Superyacht Regattas on the international circuit.
In a departure from tradition, the J Class will have their own fleet start just prior to the pursuit class yachts. "In the interest of safety and fair racing, we intended on having a fleet start for the racing oriented superyachts this year," said Event Director and Race Chairman Peter Craig. "With five J's gracing the same starting line and with St Barthelemy as the backdrop it should make for some spectacular racing and race viewing."
Racing will take place in the vicinity of St Barthelemy and its adjoining islands. The courses are expected to be coastal courses using islands, rocks, inflatable and government buoys as marks of the course.

J Class yachts can be followed at Periodic updates and the very latest information on the regatta can be found on the event website:


Europe Week 2014: A Very Special Classic Jubilee Regatta in Norway

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, KNS,  and the Norwegian Classic Yacht Club, KTK, have been entrusted the task of arranging the international «Europe Week» in 2014, celebrating the 200 years of Norway’s independence and the centenary of the «Europe Week 1914»- regatta in Norway.

The Europe Week Classic Regatta will for the third time take place in Norwegian waters July 15 to 22 next year. The week long regatta starts in Sandefjord, a maritime city on the south coast of the Oslo fjord. After two days of racing in Sandefjord, the boats sail across the Oslo fjord July 18, some 30 nautical miles to Son. Here the participants will be guests in a small town full of history and maritime charm. July 20 the regatta continues with a race from Son to Oslo. July 21 and 22 offer racing in Oslo, and here the Europe Week will end with a farewell dinner and party July 22.

H.M. King Harald V Honorary Chairman
The Europe Week 1914 was organised under the patronage of H.M. King Haakon VII. Now, 100 years later, his grandson, H.M. King Harald, is the Honorary Chairman of the organising committee. King Harald is himself an active yachtsman with a long and impressive career as helmsman and skipper of several Olympic class boats as well as off shore racing yachts. To day, in his 76th year king Harald is racing his own 8mR, «Sira», a classic Johan Anker design built in 1938.

Inviting boats from the 1914 regatta
130 boats from eight European nations with Europe’s elite yachtsmen gathered in Norway in 1914 for a grand celebration of Norway’s 100 years of national independence. For the first and only time the famous «Schooner Sailing Yachts» in Class A; the German Kaiser’s «Meteor», «Hamburg II» and Krupp’s «Germania», five 15 mR-boats 12 12 mR-boats  and a good number of all the smaller R-boat classes took part in the event, including Scandinavian double-enders and Swedish «Skjærgårdskrysser»-boats.

K.N.S. and K.T.K. hope to see some of the participating boats from 1914 in the 2014-regatta. A few of the Norwegian boats that took part in the 1914 regatta are still in good sailing condition. Some of the other boats are rebuilt as replicas or completely restored. Hopefully they will be back in Norwegian waters for the Europe Week 2014.

More information from the project manager, Henrich Nissen-Lie,

Classic Yacht Racing in Cowes

Cowes Classics Week - 15-19 July 2013: This year the major metre classes will not only sail on the Flensburg Fjord, but also in Cowes. The 6mR, who founded the Cowes Classics event some years ago, will be joined again by the 12mR, out once more. For the first time, the 8mR will also be racing here. A new 8mR UK Class Association was formed a couple of years ago but the disparate location of the boats has made it difficult to organise class events. However, with new owners and a renewed enthusiasm CCW will form a centrepiece of their 2013 programme. The Sunbeam fleet have been stalwart supporters of CCW from the outset. This year they are celebrating their 90th Anniversary and will sail for the Queen Victoria Jubilee Cup which was given to the Royal London Yacht Club in 1886 by Queen Victoria and disappeared for almost a century until re‐discovered in 1973. They are expecting a record turnout with some boats coming up from Falmouth. Indicative of the now well‐established reputation of CCW, a number of Howth 17 Footers will be coming over from Dublin Bay. An 1898 design, they are probably the oldest racing one‐design keelboat class in the world designed by W. Herbert Boyd who was Commodore of Howth Sailing Club for 52 years. They sail a regular match race with the Gaerloch fleet from the Clyde in the local class in alternate years. The Howth 17s will race with the Revival Old Gaffer fleet. In addition to our regular fleets of 6mR, Darings, Sunbeams, XODs, Bembridge One Designs and Loch Longs we are expecting some of our occasional attendees ‐ Dragons, Mermaids, Squibs, Yarmouth One Design, Bembridge Redwings.

Directly before, the Panerai British Classic Week 2013 will be taking place from the 6th to 13th July, with the Panerai Classic Around the Island Race on Sunday 7th following the original clockwise course of the first America’s Cup and a five-race series racing starting on Monday 8th July - racing will be demanding and competitive but will still retain that Corinthian spirit synonymous with classic boat racing. In addition to the exciting racing, there will be whole host of social events held in the sailing clubs of Cowes, including the prestigious Royal Yacht Squadron. The regatta, which is part of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, has been held every year since the America’s Cup Jubilee was held in Cowes in 2001. Entry forms will be available early April, so if you are not already on the mailing list please contact the Regatta Office to ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest news. Panerai British Classic Week is part of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge.

A Week of Classics

At the beginning of August, the place to be for all fans of classic yachts is, once again, Flensburg. This is when, together with BMW, the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten, the Flensburger Segel Club and the Wassersportclub Flensburg, Robbe & Berking organises three fantastic events in a row, promising something for each and everyone and every boat. These are the already traditional Robbe & Berking Classics, a weekend festival for all types of classic boats; the also near-legendary Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup races of the metre-class yachts and, finally, the Robbe & Berking World Cup fort he 6 metre class.

At the Robbe & Beking events, superb sailing on the Flensburg Fjord, already proven as a sailing venue with so many international and world championships that have taken place here over the past decades, always comes together with a very attractive social programme. The 6 metre class already knows the waters and the organisers from their European Championships, hosted in 2006 by Robbe & Berking and the FSC and in 2011, the Robbe & Berking World Championships of the 8 and 12 metre classes were held here. And, just in case there still would be room for improvement, Robbe & Berking is again backed by BMW, as already in the last year, who will again supply a fleet of elegant limousines as a shuttle service for competitors. After all, sailing and partying takes place along most of Flensburg’s waterfront, from the extreme inner harbour right in the heart of the town to the Robbe & Berking Classics Yard and the Flensburger Segel Club in Glücksburg.

These are the dates:

August 1 (Thursday) – Arrival of the metre class yachts for the Sterling Cup and the 6 metre World Cup in the FSC. Evening: Informal get-together in the club.

August 2 (Friday) – Up & down races for the Sterling Cup. Tune-up race for the 6 metres. Arrival of the classic boats in Flensburg’s inner harbour. Evening: Race Night Classics for participants of all three events.

August 3 (Saturday) – Distance race on the Fjord for the Robbe & Berking Classics and 12 metres. Up and down races for 5.5 metres and tune-ups for 6 metres. Evening: Classics Night in the boatyard, with the prize giving for the Robbe & Berking Classics and the official opening of the 6 metre Worlds.

August 4 (Sunday) – Departure of the participants of the Robbe & Berking Classics. Up & down races for the 12 and 5.5 metres. First day of racing for the 6 metres. Evening: Prize giving for the Sterling Cup.

August 5 (Monday) to August 7 (Wednesday) – Daily racing for the 6 metres, various social events ashore and during the evenings.

August 8 (Thursday) – Reserve day for the 6 metres and final prize giving at the FSC.

GOOSE issue 7 has landed!

Freshly flown in: Our goose, our international magazine GOOSE, issue number 7.As always full of fascinating stories. Such as a ship-collector in Turkey, a wonderful club in London, a fantastic island off the US East Coast, an internet entrepreneur and lover of 12-metre yachts… why don’t you take a closer look. This is the way to
>order your personal copy<.


With "Silver-gennaker" on course for the Olympics...

Our heart belongs, almost entirely, to classic yachts. One of the few exemptions is the 49er of the Flensburg Sailing Club and the crew of Jan Hauke Erichsen and Max Lutz. Sailing, for one and a half months off Cadiz, one of Western Europe’s oldest cities, in the very modern 49er, nicely decorated as we think with a red Robbe & Berking gennaker. This was the first part of the winter training season for the successful 49er crew. Now, they have moved on to Mallorca. In Cadiz, the training was international with fellow sailors from Spain an Italy, in Mallorca only the German group will be sailing. The ultimate goal is to participate in the Olympic Games but to get there is a long way. And one can never get enough training…

Classic Boat Awards 2013

Which are the best classic boats of the year 2012? Restorations, new builds, boat yards and people from the world of classic yachts? The British magazine Classic Boat has shortlisted the top traditional boats, yards and people of the last year in a sumptuous gathering of style and class and presents these on many pages in the current, January 2013 issue of the magazine, showing just how versatile and active the world of classic yachts is. We are happy to have contributed to this. The readers of Classic Boat are asked to vote for the best of each category by 15 February, to give us 11 deserving winners. And to add to the fun, there are also prizes to be won. Among the donators for these prizes are also our companies, the Silver Manufactory Robbe & Berking and the Yacht Manufactory Robbe & Berking Classics. Simply visit to place your vote.

boot 2013 in Düsseldorf

Dear Friends of Robbe & Berking Classics.

We would like to invite you all to our stand at the Düsseldorf boat show (January 19 to 27), stand 16A74 in hall 16 ( ).

On our young yard, specialized exclusively in classic yachts, we have begun with our 8. new build project. Five of our new boats are already afloat. Build numbers 6 and 8 will be exhibited, shortly before their launch, at the Düsseldorf show. The larger one of these two fine boats is our 50-foot Performance Cruiser designed by Georg Nissen. 

The broker for classic yachts Baum & König, the magazine for all friends of classic yachts Goose and the wooden boat yard Robbe & Berking Classics look forward to welcoming many visitors. In our luggage for the show, we will have many ideas and drawings, historic photographs and magazines for inspirations.

Welcome to our stand!

GOOSE Number Six has arrived...

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Another 12-metre for the Baltic

Spring will see yet another 12-metre sailing on the Baltic. Not any 12, but the First Rule, gaff rigged 12 „Cintra“, designed by William Fife and built on the Clyde in 1909. “We did not necessarily need another 12-metre”, says her new owner Wilfried Beeck, who will run “Cintra”, just like his other two 12s “Trivia” and “Evaine” on a day charter basis. Why he bought “Cintra” anyway is mainly due to her extraordinary history, says Beeck. “She is a very special 12. Before the First World War she was more or less the fastest yacht in her class. She has a long and colourful history and was completely restored in Italy during the nineties.” This by the team that also restored Beeck’s other 12-metre “Trivia”: “I knew the people and their work and this gave a special relationship. Also, now the other gaff rigged 12-metre, “Heti”, will not have to sail on her own anymore. This also was a motivation but the main objective was to bring such a special yacht to northern Germany!”

„Cintra“ was one of the first yachts to be built according to the metre class rules and the third 12-metre designed by William Fife. During her first years she very successfully raced on the Clyde, before coming to Cowes in 1914. After the war she was re-rigged as a Bermudian cutter, then sailed for a while in Oslo before returning to the UK where she was actively raced until the 1950s – her at that time last race was the “Round the Island” in 1956. After which the yacht disappeared in the mists of time or the Thames only to be re-discovered in a shed on the English east coast years later, in a sorry state: Converted to a cruising boat, with a cabin and a shortened stern, the lead keel replaced by concrete. Luckily it was William Collier who found her. The expert for classic yachts told the Italian yacht designers Giorgetti & Magrini about her and after this things began to look brighter for “Cintra”. A passionate fan of metre class yachts was found in Alberto Rusconi who commissioned the complete restoration – at the time, he also owned two other famous 12-metres, “Vim” and “Tomahawk”, in which the America’s Cup rivals Harold S. Vanderbilt and Sir Thomas Sopwith first sailed against each other in 12s, in the 1939 season.

Wilfried Beeck and Andreas Krause, co-manager of the “Trivia GmbH“, the company that will also run “Cintra“ had long since been in contact to her former owner who traded her in when he sold the big class cutter “Lulworth”. Finally, the deal was done and we congratulate Wilfid Beeck and Andreas Krause and are happy about this fantastic new addition the 12-metre class on the Baltic. This much is for sure: The summer of 2013 will once again see some very spectacular 12-metre races on the Baltic”

A new historic J-Class Yacht is being built in England

A brand new J-Class yacht is being built at Spirit Yachts in England, in collaboration with Sparkman & Stephens Inc. This iconic new ‘J’ will be named CHEVEYO (pronounced shu-Vay-o), a native American word meaning “spirit warrior.” Registered in the United States, the yacht will carry sail number J1.

CHEVEYO will be steeped in rich history, built to the RANGER 77B design. This is one of the original series of six designs submitted by Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens to Harold Vanderbilt for the 1937 America’s Cup defence.

In 1936, each of the six RANGER designs was extensively tank tested by Burgess and Stephens to select the optimum hull-form to defend the America’s Cup against the challenger ENDEAVOUR II, designed by Charles Nicholson. Vanderbilt selected the ‘C’ version because it was found to have the best potential for racing solely in the sheltered waters off Newport. The ‘Super J’ RANGER was thus born, and went on to triumph decisively over ENDEAVOUR II in the 1937 series.

For 2012, S&S and Spirit Yachts have further evaluated the RANGER design series. The prestigious US-based design house conducted an in-depth survey of all of the original Burgess/Stephens J-Class lines in their library. These designs were optimized for two variables: Spirit Yachts’ advanced wood/composite construction techniques as well as for the more exposed conditions of today’s Classic regattas.

The RANGER 77B version was identified as the clear star. CHEVEYO will marry the classic design of yachting’s golden era with modern build techniques of the 21st century. Spirit Yachts will build the ‘J’ using this sophisticated technique mated to laser cut stainless steel ring frames to create an exceptionally stiff yet lightweight hull. Spirit and S&S are currently finalising construction drawings suited to this superb wood/composite build system.

The yacht has been commissioned by a US-based syndicate of investors and sailing enthusiasts.

Length Overall: 139 ft
Length Waterline: 86.9 ft
Beam: 21.0 ft
Draft: 15.0 ft
Sail Area: 8290 ft2
Displacement: 176 LT
Naval Architect: Sparkman & Stephens Inc. Greenwich CT. USA
Builders: Spirit Yachts Ltd. Ipswich UK.
Interior Design: Sean McMillan, Spirit Yachts
Project Manager: Innes McGowan
Original Design: W. Starling Burgess and Sparkman & Stephens

The re-birth of Britannia

2012 is a landmark year for K1 Britannia, a team of individuals who will be restoring the legacy of Prince Albert Edward’s yacht, ‘His Royal Highness’ Yacht Britannia’ from the 1800s, in order to revive a maritime heritage. It is a monumental project and also a daring experiment, being funded in part through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform for creative projects on the internet. For the next 60 days, anyone can contribute to this task and benefit from some very unique rewards.

The 38-metre yacht Britannia, designed by George Lennox Watson, was built by Henderson’s on the Clyde in 1893 for Queen Victoria’s son Prince Albert Edward of Wales. She served him and his son King George V with a long yachting career. Both builder and designer made a fine job of the Prince’s new yacht. It was said of Britannia that a better balanced and better built vessel never crossed the starting line.

Built of wood and planking on steel frames she had a major refit in 1931 where she was transformed by a Bermudan rig to race in the J-Class. Made of silver spruce, hers was the largest mast ever made as one spar for a yacht, weighing over 3 tonnes. During her racing career which spanned over 40 years, in 635 races she won 231 firsts and of a total of 350 prizes. By the end of her first year racing, Britannia had scored 33 wins from 43 starts. In her second season she won all 7 races for the big class yachts on the French Riviera and then beat 1893 America’s Cup defender Vigilant in home waters.

In January 1936 the British people mourned as King George V passed away. It was announced that in accordance with the late King’s wishes upon his death that Britannia would be stripped of her spars and fittings and scuttled. So on the 10th July 1936 her hull was towed out to St. Catherine’s Deep near the Isle of Wight. She was then scuttled and sent to rest beneath the waves with a simple garland of flowers placed on her stem head.

In 1994 the only exact replica of Britannia was commissioned and built in Russia gaining Her Majesty’s blessing. Her then owner shipped her from Russia to Norway but unfortunately the completion of the project came to a standstill. It was not until late 2011 that Britannia was acquired for the purpose of completing her rebuild so that she could be used for charitable projects. Britannia was towed from Norway and arrived in the Isle of Wight on 4th February 2012 where she was lifted and dry-docked in her cradle where she sits today at Venture Quays, East Cowes.

As a floating venue Britannia will be gifted to charities around the world for fundraising and other events that will promote charities or provide direct benefits to the charities.

Hanseboot 2012 – Hall of Fame

The yacht manufactory Robbe & Berking Classics will again present itself during the international boat show »hanseboot« in Hamburg (October 27 to November 4). Not in any hall but in the newly created »Hall of Fame« where only very selected classics of timeless beauty may be exhibited. In this special area we will show our 30-foot Commuter Yacht, as well as the historic J-Class tender Fiona Mary and the keel of the 12-metre Jenetta. We had salvaged this yacht from the bottom of a Canadian lake in order to rebuild it again in due time. Jenetta was designed in 1939 for Sir William Burton by the »master of the 12s«, Alfred Mylne. Burton was helmsman of Shamrock IV during the 1920 America’s Cup. His boat, the Jenetta, was not only one of the longest 12-metres ever built, but also one of the fastest during her time.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in the very special atmosphere of the Hall of Fame during the hanseboot boat show – see you in Hamburg!

The Hall of Fame is located in the basement of the event-hall B1. The hanseboot 2012 runs from October 27 to November 4 and is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs; on Wednesday from 10 to 20.00 hrs.

The Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy goes to Marigold

Saint-Tropez - Marigold, the cutter designed by Charles Nicholson in 1892 and owned by Richard Allan won the second edition of the Centenary Trophy. The black hulled yacht managed to keep a 15 minutes lead on 2011 title holder Bonafide from Italy, in third place the 1905 NYYC30 one design Oriole.

One could not have asked for more for the second edition of the Centenary Trophy, organized and awarded by the Gstaad Yacht Club in co-operation with the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez. A bright sun, blue skies just streaked with clouds, a good breeze, hundreds of spectators’ boats and a huge public watching the show from the old port walls. Sure, the spectacle of the one century and more old boats was the focal point of racing at the Voiles the Saint-Tropez, hosting event of the Centenary trophy regatta.

In a close and thrilling finish, gusts sweeping the line, under the eyes of hundreds of spectators Marigold crossed in first, ahead of Bonafide and Oriole. Marigold’s owner Richard Allan was ecstatic and shortly after arriving on the pontoon commented: »We are really, really happy, it's great to race in an event when each and every competitor has the same age. It's the first time we take part to the trophy (last year we were not in Saint-Tropez) so we're even more satisfied.« Allan also explained that the secret of his success was all in the boat. »Marigold loves, thrives in strong breeze. The handicap we got takes into consideration the fact that she has still cotton sails and I think the system is very fair. We’ll be back next year to defend our title, that’s sure!«

In the exciting race inside the race of the four 15-metre yachts Tuiga (1909), The Lady Anne (1912), Hispania (1909) and Mariska (1908) it was close racing at its best and on the finish line it was The Lady Anne to get over the line in first, followed by Hispania and Mariska, while Monaco’s Tuiga had to retire sometime before the finish due to a technical hitch.

A very satisfied Peter Erzberger, Commodore of the Gstaad Yacht Club commented: »It was a beautiful, very positive race. Today we proved that the formula is perfect and that with every successive edition we can gather more data to make the handicap system better. By analyzing the boats performances we will be able to sharpen the rating system and possibly create a specific Centenary Rule for the future editions. Also that is very good for the spectators, for whom is easier to understand besides being able to admire the sheer beauty of these boats.« He also congratulated Marigold and expressed his wish for more participants for next year. »Every new old boat is more than welcome to join us.«

The very special prize-giving ceremony was held at the Chateau in Saint-Tropez that for the occasion featured a Swiss flavour to it. The trophy was created by Wakely and Wheeler of London in 1911.

The Gstaad Yacht Club was founded in 1998 by a group of sailor enthusiasts with the vision to create a unique global yacht club away from the waters, instead of another local club by the waters. Since December 20th, 2003, GYC has its own clubhouse with 400 members from over 20 different countries.

12 Metre North American Championships

Newport, Rhode Island, USA/Scuttlebutt Europe: America’s Cup history will repeat itself this week when the 2012 12 Metre North American Championships feature two of sailing's most famous skippers, Ted Turner and Dennis Conner, reuniting with their winning tacticians, Gary Jobson and Tom Whidden, respectively. Turner will sail American Eagle, while Conner, affectionately known as "Mr. America's Cup," will sail Kiwi Magic in the Grand Prix division.

The three-day regatta takes place September 21-23 in Newport, Rhode Island, with racing starting each day at 11 a.m. on Rhode Island Sound, where the Cup races were staged from 1930 until 1983. The nine participating 12 Metres will be berthed at Bannister's Wharf, reminiscent of the glory days when America's Cup legends roamed the docks there after racing each day.

Turner has won the 12 Metre North Americans for the last two years here, sailing American Eagle as he did in the late '60s and early '70s to win most of the world's greatest ocean races with her.

Conner, a four time America's Cup Winner (1974, '80, '87, '88), will have an impressive crew aboard KZ-7 (Kiwi Magic), which is currently owned by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) Foundation. Whidden, one of the most experienced America's Cup sailors in the world, has campaigned with Conner for three of Conner's America's Cup victories (1980, 1987 and 1988).

In addition to American Eagle and KZ-7, Columbia, Courageous, Intrepid, KZ-5, USA, Victory '83 and Weatherly will be racing.

15-metres as separate class!

The last four surviving 15-metre Class yachts, “Hispania“ (Fife, 1909), “The Lady Anne” (Fife, 1912), “Mariska” (Fife, 1908) and “Tuiga” (Fife, 1909) will sail the races of the Vele d’Epoca di Imperia (September 5 to 9 in Imperia) and Les Voiles de Saint Tropez (September 29 to October 7 in Saint Tropez) as a separate class. Already in summer, the owners of these historic yachts created the “Fifteen Metre Class Association” and agreed upon a common race calendar and regatta rules. The four 15-metre yachts will have their own start and their own ranking system.
The 15-metre yachts are regarded as the most interesting of all metre-class yachts, apart maybe from the popular 12-metre class. During the span of only ten years, from 1907 to 1917, 20 15-metres were built. The first was the Alfred Mylne design “Ma’oona”, the last one the Johan Anker design “Neptune”. “Istria”, designed by Charles E. Nicholson and built in 1912, was a revolutionary yacht, with many novel features such as the world’s first Marconi topmast. More information on this incredible yacht can be had from us, as the yard Robbe & Berking Classics has secured the rights to build this iconic yacht new, using the original plans!

Goose Number Five!

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The new Robbe & Berking Calendar 2013

Preview here
at mid of september 2012

Wood, Sails, Dreams

In the world of classic yachts on the US East Coast, he is well known and highly regarded for his wonderful films: Director John Stanton. At the recent Panerai Opera House Cup, he showed a four-minute trailer of his latest film at the Grand Harbor Yacht Club in Nantucket, which we are proud to present to you here: „Wood, Sails, Dreams“ is the title of the film that can be seen in full length from spring 2013 onwards.

Holz, Segel, Träume on Vimeo

Opera House Cup, 40 Years

As always, it took place on the third weekend in August: Racing for the legendary Opera House Cup in classic, wooden boats. The Opera House Cup was born one hot, summer night in July 1973; the place was the Opera House Restaurant, a fine dining and drinks club on Nantucket Island. Owner Gwen Gaillard and manager Chick Walsh were sitting at a table on the patio watching the diners finish up as sailors began to trickle in. The drinks flowed and discussion eventually came around to the sailors’ main complaint; no one held a regatta for classic single-hulled wooden sailboats. “I will provide the food, drinks and a trophy,” Gwen finally said, “you guys go out and get the boats.”

This year it was sailed for the 40th time, as the crowning finish of Nantucket Race Week. Sadly, the restaurant Opera House has long ceased to exist but the racing carries on and is the most important and popular fixture for classic boat fans along the US East Coast. Fast metre-class boats, large cruisers and small daysailers all compete against each other, made possible by the unique handicap system that was specially devised for the Opera House Cup.

This year’s winner of the Opera House Cup is the 8-metre boat „Quest“ (William Fife from 1930), best of the altogether nine 12-metres was „Onawa“, designed by Starling Burgess and built in 1920 by Abeking & Rasmussen. Since two years, the Opera House Cup is part of the „Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge“.

Sailing and partying in perfection - at the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup for Metre-Class yachts

The summer that we had already deemed gone made a timely comeback for the races of the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup for 6, 8 and 12 metre yachts. The elegant racing yachts of these metre-classes sailed six races in perfect summer weather with plenty of wind and sunshine, on the beautiful Flensburg Fjord off the harbour of Glücksburg, faultlessly organised by the very experienced team of the Flensburger Segel-Club, FSC.

Robbe & Berking’s partner BMW was, for the first time, also on board for the Sterling Cup event, which made for an exceptional shore programme for all sailors, their friends and families. After a boisterous opening party in the facilities of the FSC, the Friday evening party was staged in the big shed of the Yacht Manufactury Robbe & Berking Classics. Here, as on the following evening in the Hotel Alter Meierhof itself, the participants indulged in the fantastic food of famous chef Dirk Luther, awarded with two Michelin-Stars, from the Hotel Alter Meierhof. The sailors were shuttled from the boats in Glücksburg to the party and, afterwards, back to their respective quarters in perfect style by a whole fleet of elegant BMW limousines.

The competition on the water was as hot as the parties ashore. In the 6 metre class, a BMW crew with skipper and helmsman Markus Wieser sailed Oliver Berking’s private 6-metre, Lillevi, to a very convincing overall win. On board with Wieser was his friend Eberhard Magg, the organiser of the Match Race Germany on Lake Constance, and a group of BMW managers who were keen to experience classic yacht racing first hand. Among the crew of the 12-metre Sphinx was Ulrike Hiebl, who is in charge of all of BMW’s yachting activities (BMW Yachtsport). Sailors and spectators alike were thrilled by the metre class racing yachts. “These yachts sail absolutely superb. You have to choose your tactics carefully and think ahead, this is one of the big challenges here”, said one of the competitors.

Places two and three in the 6-metre class went to Mena (Thomas Kuhmann) and Mellum (Joachim Wolter) respectively.

In the 8-metre class, the Canadian boat Raven (Richard Self and Mark Decelles) won overall, leading Feo III (Hans-Peter Strepp) and the beautiful Abeking & Rasmussen yacht Germania III (owned by Bernhard Kolbe and helmed by Kay-Enno Brink). The races of the 12 metre yachts were quite dramatic, with Trivia (Wilfried Beek), Anitra (Josef Martin) and Sphinx (Jochen Frank and Gorm Gondesen) all fighting fiercely for first place. In the end, it was Sphinx who triumphed, only just, ahead of Trivia in second and Anitra in third.

While the Olympic Summer Games drew to a close with a grand final celebration in London, the Sterling Cup in Flensburg also ended on a high note. Happy faces here as in London, but the good thing about the Sterling Cup is that it will definitely be sailed again next year, together with the Robbe & Berking 6-metre World Championship in Flensburg. At this year’s prize-giving ceremony, Ulrike Hiebl already announced the date for 2013: August 1 to 8. An absolute must for all friends and lovers of these fascinating yachts!

Ainslie is the most successful Olympic sailor – in the Finn Dinghy

Since Agust 5, 35-year old Ben Ainslie from Britain is the most successful Olympic sailor. On this day, he won his fourth successive Gold Medal. Now with four Gold and one Silver Medals, he even topped the legendary Dane Paul Elvstrøm who, from 1948 to 1960, also won four consecutive Gold Medals – as one of only four athletes in the entire Olympic history (with, now, Ben Ainslie and Carl Lewis in the long jump and Al Oerter in the discus). Just like Elvstøm in his time (with the exception of 1948 which was in the Firefly dinghy), Ainslie won his Gold medals in the Finn Dinghy. This singlehanded racing dinghy was designed in 1949 by the Swedish barber Rickard Sarby, in a design competition launched by the Finnish Sailing Association who were looking for a new singlehand dinghy for the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. After initial problems, the Finn Dinghy won several test races and has been an Olympic class since 1952 without interruption. Rickard Sarby himself loved canoe-sailing and this can be seen in the lines of the Finn: especially the round transom and the straight stem, only curving in the waterline, are somewhat typical for sailing canoes. To this day, the Finn Dinghy remains competitive and challenging as a boat, sailed mainly by heavy and muscular men. The class has been continuously modernised since 1952, and in regards to materials used the boats are very up-to-date. However, the hull lines have never been touched and are unchanged to this day, strictly controlled by the class association. The Finn is actively sailed in 60 countries around the world and today, older Finns compete in their own class, the Classic Finn, in Germany and other countries:

Classics in Austria

The 125th Atterseewoche (Attersee Week) in Austria, organised by the Union Yacht-Club Attersee, ended on August 5th. This race week is a popular fixture for sailors and lovers of classic wooden sailing boats and brought visitors from throughout Europe to Austria. The races were sailed in mainly light winds in the following classes: Sonderklasse, Dragon, 35m² Racing Class and 22m² Racing Dinghy. Many other classics also competed under the yardstick handicap system. The 22m² Racing Dinghy is the oldest dinghy class in central Europe and was created in 1909 as a design class. The 35m² was conceived in the early 1920s as a successor to the “Sonderklasse” yachts that have their origins around 1907, since when they also compete in the Attersee Week. The Sonderklasse is regarded as the “King’s Class” on the Austrian lakes and the class competes for its own trophies since 100 years.
One highlight of this year’s Attersee Week was a team trophy, the “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Pokal”, on loan from the estate of His Royal Highness Luis Ferdinand Prince of Prussia in Berlin. The first winner of this trophy was the Kaiser’s yacht “Iduna” in a race from Kiel to Travemünde exactly 100 years ago. The teams during the Attersee week were constituted by boats from different classes during the opening evening. Team “Starnbegersee” won, leading team “Bodensee” in second and “Attersee” in third.

For all results in all classes, see

Summer of the Classics: Robbe & Berking Classics 2012

According to the calendar, it should have been summer but the weather felt much like autumn. But even strong winds, rain and severe gusts could not keep many of those sailors that had come with their wonderful classic boats to Flensburg from racing on Saturday, 9th June. The Race Committee, organised by the two Flensburg Sailing Clubs WSF and SSFH, had laid a short course on the inner Fjord for all but the two largest classes (large Metre-Class yachts and large cruising yachts). There was no major damage despite the severe conditions, apart from a few smaller breakages. Björn Storsberg and his crew on the six metre “Aida” were lucky even though, on a run under spinnaker, the fitting that anchors the running backstay to the boat ripped off the floor timber. The mast made a frightening lurch forward but stayed up and in one piece because the deck caught the loose fitting and stopped the mast from breaking. A situation which could have ended much worse but which, sadly, still was the end of this race for “Aida”. Local Hero Kai Wohlenberg won this group in his 5.5 metre “Chaje II”, the large metre boats saw the 12-metre “Sphinx” (Jochen Frank and Gorm Gondesen) finish ahead of the 8-metre “Feo” and the Danish “Thea”. All results with the first three of every group can be found >here<.

Ashore, the weather could do nothing to harm the parties that, at all Robbe & Berking Classic events, are almost legendary. In this case, the partying took place in the large boatshed of the Robbe & Berking Yacht Manufactury where yet another fine classic caught the eye: an elegant and rare BMW convertible from the 1950s. Whoever was interested could also experience the latest BMW models and even test drive. The sailing season 2012 marks the beginning of the partnership between BMW and Robbe & Berking, which was manifest here in a very impressive and pleasant way. All in all, this event was a particularly good comeback of a “classic”; after a pause of seven years the Robbe & Berking Classics, the first of which took place in 1995, were staged once more. “The Robbe & Berking Classics will from now on again be a regular fixture in the Classics Summer on the Baltic Sea”, said organiser Oliver Berking in his welcome speech on the first evening. After a witty and humorous prize-giving and the big party with fantastic live music and fine food, this certainly is something that all fans of classic boats can look forward to.

> Photos from Ulf Sommerwerck <

> Photos from Ina Steinhusen <

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Lago di Como

On Whit weekend, Cernobbio on Lake Como once again became a magnet for car and motorcycle fans from far and wide, as well as for friends of classic design in general. On display at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este were a range of classic automobiles and cutting edge concept cars that thrilled the crowds who had flocked there. For the first time in this year, the Robbe & Berking Commuter Yacht was also present, as a VIP shuttle on the lake, being second to none in terms of elegance. Robbe & Berking proprietor Oliver Berking enjoyed driving the boat himself: “This was a wonderful and very impressive weekend. Absolutely unique!” The presentation of the Robbe & Berking Commuter was the prelude to a partnership with BMW that will also include the Robbe & Berking Classics and Sterling Cup yachting events on Flensburg Fjord during this summer. At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Lake Como, a vintage Alfa Romeo from 1933 was declared winner by the jury, claiming the Trofeo BMW Group and thus also Best of Show accolade. “We experienced a high calibre event with a unique field of competitors”, said Karl Baumer, President of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and Director of BMW Group Classic, reviewing the 2012 Concorso with satisfaction; “We are particularly delighted at the splendid turnout of almost 6000 visitors on Sunday!”

Fotos: Marlo Scheder Bieschin

A floating Roadster

The youngest version of our versatile Commuter-Yacht is an open “Roadster” and it is not by coincidence that we use this term, usually reserved for classy automobiles, here. The Commuter is not coming ashore, but the renderings that can be seen here were made by Bo Zolland, the designer who, together with Robert Palm, presented a spectacular design for the rebirth of another legend: A design study for a new Jaguar E-Type. Just like the Commuter, this design is also based on a true classic, more of a design-icon – which originates, in the case of the E-Type, in the 1950s and 60s while the Commuter is a descendant of the legendary commuting yachts of the 1920s and 30s. The most obvious feature of the E-Type, the long and powerful front,
is mirrored by the Commuter with its long and slim bows. And now, just like the E-Type that was offered as either a Coupé or a Roadster, the Commuter is also available as an open version. For further information on more options regarding boat size and types of propulsion please contact the yard.

Miniature Commuter Yacht

A very special version of our 9-metre Commuter Yacht has now been built in a small yard in southern Germany: A fully seaworthy, fit to drive and remotely controlled model that is remarkably similar to the full grown original. It cuts through the water just as elegantly and reaches a speed of nearly 30 kilometres per hour, which is just under half of the top speed of the full size version. Amatuer model boat builder Norbert Hanßen will present this and other fine models during the Bodensee-Race-Week (Bodenseewoche) in Kostanz to a particularly interested public. The model of our Commuter truly is a small piece of art, just like his other models, and a fine ambassador for the original.

>Picture gallery<


Classic Cars in the Yacht Manufactory

Our yard was suddenly parked solid with the most extravagant, elegant, expensive and exclusive cars – but we had not, although it definitely looked like it, opened up a classy second-hand car business. This was the fifth annual »Vintage Luggage Trophy« that paid us a visit. This extravagance, a tour from Hamburg to Sylt, made a halt in our transparent Yacht Manufactory, where the drivers and passengers of the exclusive vehicles were enthused by the elegant classic yachts and especially the two that are currently being built here.

Modern super sports cars like the Bugatto Veyron Grand Sports or the Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss and some real automotive rarities came to the Yacht Manufactory. After a guided tour through the yard and some refreshments, the automobile train left for the island of Rømø in southern Denmark, from where they were transported by an exclusively chartered ferry to Sylt. Here the programme continued, in the Grand Spa Resort A-Rosa in List, as well as in the Restaurant Sturmhaube and the Sansibar.

As in every year the tour was organised by Joachim-Michael Lemcke, CEO of the »Vintage Luggage Company« in Hamburg. »This is a private tour among friends«, he explained. »Born in a whim, simply as a nice and memorable weekend!« Each year, owners and drivers of exclusive cars are invited to participate, regardless of the year of build or the make.

Summer of Classics

We are happy to invite you:
In June and August, to our regattas and events; to the legendary
Robbe & Berking Classics (in June) with an open house day at the yard
and the equally famous Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup for
classic metre-class racing yachts (August).

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… the third!

It has arrived: the third issue of our magazine GOOSE, as always full of wonderful stories related to the sea.

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First3 yacht on show at “Ambiente“

This is a very special premiere: the first yacht ever to be exhibited on the “Ambiente”-Show will be the Robbe & Berking Commuter Yacht. “Ambiente” is the world’s largest fair for consumer goods (10th to 14th February, Frankfurt Fair) and the silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking is a long-standing, major exhibitor there. But the fact that now also the yacht manufacturer Robbe & Berking will present itself with a real yacht is something entirely new even for this world-class fair. “Our elegant commuter yacht, in the style of the 1930s, is a natural fit for this show”, says Oliver Berking, the proprietor of Robbe & Berking. “After all, this very special motorboat is a showpiece of classic design and can be used also, but not only for private purposes.” Other uses would be, for instance, as taxi-boat or shuttle for island based hotels, resorts or, indeed, private estates by the water. In any case, each boat is unique, as they are all hand built of only the finest wood in the yacht manufactory in Flensburg.

Find the silver manufactory in hall 4.1 stand C05
Find the yacht manufactury in hall 4.1 stand B51

Distinguished with the segeln-Award

During the boat show boot 2012 in Düsseldorf, Oliver Berking was awarded with the accolade of the “newcomer of the year” – for the Yacht Manufacture Robbe & Berking. “I am honoured to be distinguished as a newcomer”, Berking said with a smile. “But something that possibly really is new is the fact that a true wooden boat yard like ours is actively building wonderful wooden boats by hand. That is something that we have not seen for a long time!” For example the first 12-metre since more than 50 years that is built in wood >link<. This really is new! So many thanks to the editor and publisher of segeln magazine for this award.

The Yacht Manufactury Robbe & Berking will exhibit at the
„BOOT 2012“ in Düsseldorf in Hall 6, stand 6C42.

Currently building a new but classic 12mR, the visitors of the „BOOT“ can view at the same time the yard´s own built 30’ Robbe & Berking Commuter as well as the 6-Metre yacht APACHE.
Our Baum & König offerings, films and books from the great times of yachting add to the flavour of the stand, turning it into a refreshing change in the midst of the many series production yachts on show.

Appeal ! Don’t throw it away!!

In the coming years we want to build up a Centre for Classic Yachts around our still young classic-boat yard. For this reason we are appealing to the readers of these lines to please throw nothing away from the good old times! We are happy about each old book, picture or model, with every letter or plan or film or whatever else from your old inventory. Please do call us or send us an e-mail anytime, we would be delighted.
Tel.: +49 461 31803060

GOOSE number two has arrived!

Our goose is still young, but not anymore a duckling, and we have great pleasure in presenting the second issue, again as entertaining and beautiful as the first.

If you want to experience the magazine in all its glory, printed, to hold it in your hands, smell it, see it, feel it, then you should subscribe to the magazine here:

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Robbe & Berking Classics on the „hanseboot“

For the first time ever we will exhibit at the forthcoming “Hanseboot” – 52nd International Boatshow Hamburg (29.10. to 6.11., open every day from 1000 to 1800 hours; Wednesday to 2000 hours), and then already two yachts: The 9-metre Commuter and the 6-metre “Apache”. Both are of course newly built from classic plans, by hand by our master boatbuilders from the finest wood only. More information on both yachts can be found here on this website. Why don’t you visit us on Stand C450 in Hall B2 (basement) and use this chance to take a leisurely and close look at both yachts. We look forward to welcoming you!

Variations of a theme

The new Commuter Yacht by Robbe & Berking Classics, which is built in a small and highly individualised production run, has by now had many hours of test runs on the water. In the waters off Helsinki and Göteborg as well as on the Flensburg Fjord, this elegant motorboat has braved even the most extreme weather conditions. “The slim and narrow hull cuts through the waves, even short and steep seas, like butter”, said one of the guests on board. “This boat runs like a very fast train, as if on rails.” As a spectator boat at the 6-metre World Championships in Helsinki, the 9.12 metre (30 feet) boat managed 27 knots against wind and waves, even with ten passengers on board and without the slamming and bouncing that is so often characteristic of other motorboat rides.

The boat can be tailored for many different uses. This is made possible by the multitude of options available. With a non-slip teak deck, bow thruster and large luggage locker, the boat will for example be adapted for use as a taxi boat for hotels and restaurants by the water. Other clients may want to use it as a superyacht tender or simply as a fast picnic boat. All this is possible as the boat is, despite having been designed for a small production run, still being built by hand and from wood. This method of construction enables a very high degree of customisation, only limited by the hull and engines.

Construction number one can be seen and tested at the yard in Flensburg. It will also be on display at some of the autumn boat shows, for example at the forthcoming Hanseboot
(hall B2) Hamburg Boat Show.

Robbe & Berking Classics Six Metre “Siesta” takes fourth place at the World Cup 2011

Good sailing, tough weather, challenging competition – this was the Six Metre World Cup 2011 in Helsinki. Finland has a sizeable fleet of racing Sixes and so most of the competing yachts came from home waters, but many foreign teams also made their way to the eastern Baltic Sea in August. The fleet in the end came to 45 classics and 10 modern Sixes.

Robbe & Berking Classics made a strong appearance at the World Cup. One of the most noted boats was our newly built, classic Six “Siesta” DEN 66. She not only proved to be remarkably fast but, as all observers noted, also extremely pretty. The Olin Stephens Design of 1939, then named “Nirvana” was originally built at Abeking & Rasmussen and lost in a fire in 1959. “Siesta” by Robbe & Berking Classics was sailed extremely well by her Danish owner and crew, lying in second place overall until the last beat of the last race when, due to bad luck in the very changeable winds, she fell back to fourth overall. Despite this, her obviously pleased owner was heard to comment: “This boat is a rocket!”

But it was not only “Siesta”: With the 1939 Bjarne Aas design “Apache” a second newly built classic Six by Robbe & Berking was at the start, sailing here under the name “Nirvana” and finishing 14th out of 45.

So with two interesting boats built by his yard at the start, Oliver Berking followed the racing in style, from the Robbe & Berking fast commuter yacht that also attracted her share of attention and admiration.

The World Cup started furiously, in strong winds, which towards the end of the first race unfortunately exceeded the 25-knot limit. The race had to be abandoned at the last rounding but the conditions had by then already taken their toll, with some serious breakages including a dismasting, broken boom, damaged rig and a punctured hull. The latter led to some confusion when a crew reported ”a hole in the body”. This luckily turned out to be a hole in the boat’s body instead of a human one.

Two races were sailed on the second day in good weather conditions in fresh winds but with a strong current. The then reigning World Champion, Hugo Stenbeck from Sweden with “Sophie II”, won the first race for the modern class but only finished third overall at the end of the series which was won by Yann Marilley from France in “Junior”. In the classics, the Finnish boats were quite strong and it was one local, “Toy”, which led the first race even before the title defenders, “Gallant” from Canada. The Finnish Champions on “Sara af Hangö” started the series with a fifth place but steadily improved their results to take the overall win in the end.

After a breezy start into the World Cup, the next three races were sailed in light winds on the third day, when “Sara af Hangö” and “Siesta” fought it out for first and second places. After a long day on the water, the fourth day again saw light wind that only filled in and built up after lunch time when two good races could again be sailed.


1. Junior FRA 177 Yann Marilley
2. May Be SWE 115 Patric Fredell
3. Sophie II SWE132 Hugo Stenbeck

1. Sara af Hangö FIN 49 Henrik Tenström
2. Gallant KC 10 Eric Jespersen
3. Llanoria US 83 Erik Bentzen
4. Siesta DEN 66 Erik Tinglef Larsen
5. Fridolin FIN 12 Henrik Lundberg

This was the Rolex Baltic Week 2011 with the Robbe & Berking World Championships of the 8-m-R and 12-m-R yachts and the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup of the 6-m-R yachts

The new World Champions of the metre classes are „Hollandia“ (8mR) and „Vanity V“ (12mR). The dutchman Ruud van Hilst celebrated the win of the Rolex Baltic Week in Glücksburg at the Flensburger Segel-Club. Owner Patrick Howaldt from Kopenhagen steered his 12-metre to victory already in the race before last, beating Wilfried Beek from Hamburg and his 12-metre „Trivia“ who came second. Finally, last year’s winner Andreas Krause from Kiel defended the Robbe & Berking 6mR Sterling Cup with his „Sleipnir II“. The coveted Sira-Cup fort he 8-metres designed before 1960 was won by „Raven“ with Richard Self and Mark Decelles from Canada, clearly before His Majesty King Harald V. of Norway with his „Sira“, whose father Olav V. donated the prize in 1983.

There was cheering and celebrating on board: Already with the finish of the race before last did „Vanity V“ win the series. A second place behind „Sphinx“ of Gorm Gondesen and Jochen Frank from Flensburg was enough to beat „Trivia“, who came fourth in this race, to the Championship.

Very tight racing in sunshine and rain with severe squalls and royalty from Norway – these were the hallmarks of a truly extraordinary Rolex Baltic Week 2011, in which more than 40 metre yachts took part. And the last day of sailing was a racing finale that could not have been better staged. In steady northwesterly winds of 4 to 5 Beaufort the leading teams in all three classes showed a perfect performance.

Tim van Rootselaar steered „Hollandia“ and controlled his formidable opponent, „Lafayette“ of the British owner Murdoch McKillop right from the start and so dominated the finale in a convincing manner. America’s Cup professional John Cutler called the tactics on „Hollandia“. Free to choose all their options, the team dictated the race and rounded the first mark in the lead. Again, at the leeward gate, Cutler was able to choose his side for the second beat. Then „Lafayette“ ruined a spinnaker set as the genoa sheet got hooked on the spinnaker-boom and so, instead of fighting for the lead, had to sail against the classic eights.

The Neptune Trophy was also hard fought for right to the end, and here it was the president of the International Eight Metre Association IEMA, Fred Meyer from Geneva, who triumphed with his „Catina VI“ only just before „Anne Sophie“, the 1938 boat of Hanns-Georg Klein from Munich.

And even though he could not win his “own” Sira-Cup, King Harald V. was quite satisfied in the end. “This was a fantastic series. Our performance was right. Raven was not to be beaten this time. That boat is fast and her crew sailed her extremely well.”

With the Six-metres, defending champion „Sleipnir II“ was the dominant boat from the beginning. The crew with owner Andreas Krause and helmsman Christoph Nielsen (Berlin) secured the Robbe & Berking 6mR Sterling Cup already after three wins and a second place and could afford to skip the last race. “Everything was perfect”, Krause already said even as the others were still fighting for the remaining places.

Another huge success was the land program. The party highlight of the event was the Robbe & Berking Classics Night in the boatyard. Hundreds of happy guests partied in the big boatshed and outside, where many had a good look at “Gretel”. This legendary 12-metre had been transported here from Italy in order to receive a complete restoration. So apart from the action on the race course, the new projects of Robbe & Berking Classics and above all “Gretel” herself was topic enough for many discussions.

Pictures of the land program

The results (PDF-Files)
12mR - Overall - Race 1-8 - Final Results - World Championship
12mR - Classes - Race 1-8 - Final Results - World Championship
8mR - Overall - Races 1-9 - Final Results - World Championship
8mR - Classes - Races 1-9 - Final Results - World Championship
8mR - Sira Class - Races 1-9 - Final Results - World Championship
6mR - Overall - Races 1-5 - Final Results - Sterling Cup
6mR - Classes - Races 1-5 - Final Results - Sterling Cup

First Orders for the Robbe & Berking Commuter Yacht

The first Robbe & Berking Commmuter was launched smartly in time for the 12 and 8-metre World Championships in Flensburg. This is the first production boat of the yard
Robbe & Berking Classics, which specialises in restorations and the building of replica racing yachts. The new Commuter Yacht is 9.12 metres long, has a beam of 2 metres and can touch 30 knots at full speed. This boat is truly versatile and can be used as a stylish tender for superyachts or cruise liners, as a taxiboat or shuttle or simply but maybe best enjoyed as the ultimate daycruiser for the family. Please call us to arrange your personal sea trial on

+49 (0) 461 31 80 30 60

or contact us at

Robbe & Berking Classics
is the new owner of the classic yacht broker Baum & König/Hamburg

We are happy to welcome our new sister Baum & König, the broker no.1 for classic yachts only. Since 27 years Baum & König is specialized in classic motor and sailing yachts. After having changed his professional focus, the founder, long-term shareholder and director Peter König was searching for an acquirer of his company. “Since 1874, Robbe & Berking silver products have been recognised amongst experts throughout the world as unsurpassed works of silversmithing art. This reputation is equivalent for the yachts of the same named shipyard - only three years after the shipyards foundation. “ knows Peter König. “I am very satisfied of having found a successor with the same passion and heart for timeless elegant lines and unsurpassed manufactured finish in the yachting business.”

The focus of Robbe & Berking Classics is the maintenance and restoration of classic yachts as well as the construction of new yachts – solely build out of wood and with classic elegant lines. Oliver Berking: “Our clients are not mainly oriented to seemingly important outfittings inside the yacht, but paying attention to the yacht´s beauty and it´s sailing performance. We cannot stop the trend towards voluminous GRP ships, but every classic yacht compensates the viewer for a lot that has to be seen nowadays in the harbor. Baum & König will continue its tradition of being a guarantor therefore while offering only the finest classic yachts to its clients.”

Offered yachts can be seen under The refit of the homepage will be finished in may. From today on you can reach Baum & König under the following address:

Am Industriehafen 5
24937 Flensburg

Phone:+49 (0) 40 36 67 02



Metre class yachts being built according to the “International Rule” affected sailing in the past 100 years like no other boat class. On the initiative of Robbe & Berking the film-maker Tom Nitsch dedicated a film to the class’ 100th birthday, portraying it like no other. Not only the 12mR yachts, being sailed for the America’s Cup for 30 years, but all representatives of the class – from the small 4mR yacht to the 40m long 25mR yachts. A real eye candy for all friends of classical yachts.


The Flensburg fjord will again be the mecca for all friends of Metre yachts worldwide in 2011.It will then be 105 years ago that the International Rule and therewith the Metre yachts were born.The sailing world will celebrate this jubilee with the “ Robbe & Berking 12 Metre World Championship”,the “ Robbe & Berking 8 Metre World Championship” and the races for the “ Robbe & Berking 6 Metre Sterling Cup”.The hosting patners Flensburger Segel Club, Kieler Yacht Club, Rolex and Robbe & Berking expect the biggest fleet of these beautiful yachts that ever sailed against each other on the Baltic.

Robbe & Berking
12 Metre Worldchampionship/
8 Metre Worldchampionship

Download as PDF

Robbe & Berking
8 Metre Worldchampionship

Download as PDF

The last ever built 12 m2 skerry cruiser:Ramona

Slim, elegant and fast are the yachts built under the skerry cruiser rules, whose extreme design fascinates sailors allover the world since 1908. Nine different sizes exist , from the 15m2 up to the 150m2 skerry cruiser. The last ever built 15m2 skerry cruiser was designed by the Swedish skerry cruiser expert E.Nilsson and was launched in 1947. She is 10,48m long and 1,80m wide. Robbe & Berking saved the yacht from final break up and is now able to let her arise again in her pristine beauty.

Gala on Sphinx

For the staging of the most beautiful outfits of the coming autumn fashion the magazine Gala has chosen a very special place: the 12mR yacht “Sphinx” restored by Robbe & Berking

434 can start

This sipo mahogany trunk will become Johan Anker's last 12mR yacht.

Rolex invites to Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup

The seventh annual Rolex Baltic Week will be sailed on the Inner and Outer Fjord of Kiel from 30 June to 4 July 2010. The event invites traditional Metre class yachts to compete for the Robbe & Berking mR Sterling Cup. The Kieler Yacht-Club will host the regatta, featuring races in the 6mR, 8mR and 12mR classes. The year after, the event will be held by the Flensburger Segel-Club close to the Danish border. Peter Streit, CEO of Rolex Germany and Oliver Berking, owner of the Silver and Yachts Manufacturer Robbe & Berking agreed upon the new event schedule. Together with the Flensburger Segel-Club Oliver Berking had organized the Robbe & Berking mR Sterling Cup since 1995 and made the German Baltic coast a Mecca for Metre class yachts. And Peter Streit notes: “The Metre classes are an extraordinary beautiful segment of yachting and will form another new and top highlight in the Rolex Baltic Week”.

Robbe & Berking successfully salvages one of the last classic 12 Metre Class yachts

"JENETTA" is one of the latest 12 Metre class yachts built before WWII. Scotsman Alfred Mylne the First designed “JENETTA” under the design number 395 in 1939. At that time Mylne already established a reputation as a designer of winning yachts, and was one of the people behind the most successful yacht handicap rules of all time, namely the International Rule. “JENETTA” was built on behalf of Sir William Burton, President of the Yacht Racing Association, in 1939. The Mylne design was the latest 12 Metre class yacht of Sir William Burton, he owned three other 12 Metre designs before. From the 1950’s “JENETTA” sailed in the waters of Vancouver Island before she was laid-up at Pitt Lake, North of Vancouver. As time passed by the 12 Metre class yacht degenerated and finally sank on Christmas Day 2008. Robbe & Berking Classics salvaged “JENETTA” in November 2009 and is proud to offer this special yacht for sale now. The thorough restoration of "JENETTA" will start off in 2010.

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